2021 – Let's Do This!

We’re a COVID-safe registered business!

The quality of our hire range is very important to us. We therefore do not permit client collection for the majority of orders.

Under limited circumstances we do allow client collections and returns, and we'll happily chat more about this when we receive your enquiry.

Please note - orders approved for client collection and return will be assigned an item collection & return date during regular business hours. We are unable to offer client collections or returns on weekends or Public Holidays.

It's handy to know that many of our items don't fold, collapse and transport easily so to ensure the highest quality of our bespoke range we mostly insist upon taking care of the transportation logistics ourselves. Many of our items are true vintage pieces, delicate and one-of a kind nature and we think it's super important to make sure that they remain in the best possible condition for everyone to enjoy for years to come. After all, you're likely planning your event and booking your hire items in advance and, because we think all of our clients are pretty damn special, we want you to have the items you paid for, in the condition you deserve.

Now to the boring but rather important fine print moment.... if we do say OK, let's do this, and allow you to collect our items, it is the client's responsibility to ensure appropriate vehicles and equipment is brought in preparedness for collection of our goodies. We do have the right to cancel your booking at the time of collection if we feel the transportation or equipment are not suitable for our products and no alternate arrangement can be made..... and yes, it does happen. Note to self, 32 mismatched timber chairs will not fit in the back of a hatchback.