2021 – Let's Do This!

We’re a COVID-safe registered business!

How much do you charge for delivery is one of the most common questions we receive.  Every event is unique and therefore our service fees vary per order. Let us explain why;

Event uniqueness includes the items selected, their quantities, the event location/s, access, bump in & out time-frames and / or venue restrictions and installation of products where applicable. In summary, the labour, time, vehicle and fuel requirements will vary.

In calculating our fees for delivery & retrieval services we consider all of the above elements, which also includes the time needed for prepping, loading, travelling to your event, unloading (possible wait times) and again in reverse.  The majority of our event deliveries and retrievals take place between Friday & Monday. 

Whilst we calculate the individual service charges per order, please see below for our base level (starting) fees per listed area; 

Central Coast $120

Newcastle & Lower Hunter Valley $300

Sydney $400 

* The prices of our hire items do not include delivery and retrieval fees or fees involved with styling your event. The exception is our Ceremony Packages which is inclusive of delivery, setup and pack-down (Central Coast only).