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Frequently Asked Questions

How does Behind the Scenes work?

We're so happy you have asked! Here at BTS we are evolving, expanding and shaking things up and that means a unique event experience for you. Whether that be using our items and styling services directly or having access to our long list of goodies because you have found one hell of an event coordinator or stylist.

Our curated hire range is available to anyone who wants to make magic happen and create epic atmospheres. Think weddings, parties, celebrations of all kinds, corporate do's, styled shoots, perfect pics, productions and more.... the choices are only limited by the imagination.  We welcome direct clients, event coordinators, stylists, planners, photographers, industry friends and family, venues, performing arts, educators and more.


Ah yes, this is very important. There are a few ways to have access to our awesome range;

1. You can view our pieces and select the items you love by using our online wish list cart. Once you've spent long enough falling in love with our pieces, simply tell us who you are (don't forget the event date) click "Submit" and voila, we'll be in touch over the coming days to say hello, let you know if the items are available and chat about all the special details. We'll also chat about deliveries, logistics and anything else that's super important.

2. Alternatively, you could also use our “Contact Us” form, let us know what we can help you with and we will be in touch.

3. Call us... we love to chat.

4. Email us directly

4. AND (drum roll please)....we have now opened our very first WAREHOUSE which means only good things. Our amazing space is open for viewings by appointment so get in touch and let's make a time that suits everyone.  

Now to the boring fine print. To lock in your items and / or secure our services we do require a 30% non-refundable deposit and your agreement to our Hire Terms and Conditions. Unfortunately we can't promise you our items or services until this has happened, but don't despair, we do make note of all our enquiries so we will give you a little boost if needed, just in case it has slipped your mind. Event planning can get busy.  

How can I view the BTS Hire collection?

Of course you can and we highly recommend that you do. Our warehouse / showroom is located in Tuggerah and we'd be delighted to have you stop by following an appointment time being made. Touch base with us to make your appointment contact us here

Do you deliver and what are the fees?

This is actually a rather tricky question to answer as it varies for each hire. Long story short yes, for additional fees we bring our fabulous items to you and retrieve them upon hire completion.

The prices of our hire items do not include delivery and retrieval fees or fees involved with styling your event. The exception is our Ceremony Packages which is inclusive of delivery, setup and pack-down (Central Coast only). Our delivery fees will be quoted individually however as a very basic guide our minimum delivery and retrieval fee is $100 (Central Coast locations only). 

Is there a minimum order requirement?

Yes, here at BTS we do have a minimum order spend of $150, excluding delivery and retrieval services (quoted separately to product hire). We hope that you love our high quality items and services so much so that meeting our minimum requirement will be a super easy choice. 

Can I collect the items?

Yes, in some circumstances we do allow client collections and returns and we'll happily chat more about this when all those finer details are being discussed.

It's handy to know that many of our items don't fold, collapse and transport easily so to ensure the highest quality of our bespoke range we mostly insist upon taking care of the transportation logistics ourselves. Many of our items are true vintage pieces, delicate and one-of a kind nature and we think it's super important to make sure that they remain in the best possible condition for everyone to enjoy for years to come. After all, you're likely planning your event and booking your hire items way in advance and because we think all of our clients are pretty damn special, we want you to have the items you love too.

Now to the boring but rather important fine print moment.... if we do say OK, let's do this, and allow you to collect our items, it is the client's responsibility to ensure appropriate vehicles and equipment is brought in preparedness for collection of our goodies. We do have the right to cancel your booking at the time of collection if we feel the transportation or equipment are not suitable for our products and no alternate arrangement can be made..... and yep, it does happen. Note to self, 32 mismatched timber chairs will not fit in the back of a hatchback.

Will the items fit in my vehicle?

For hires that have been approved for collection and return the answer here is Yes and.... possibly No.

Whether the items will fit in your vehicle will depend on a variety of factors such as what are you hiring, quantities, what type of vehicle do you have?

Generally speaking you will likely require the use of a large vehicle, trailer or truck. We will also need to make sure that you bring along appropriate transportation supplies such as blankets, straps, tie downs etc. Touch base with us to discuss the items of interest and we can recommend some options to you.

Hire Period

Every hire is different so we will work closely with you and / or your event coordinator to match the schedule as best as able. Our hiring periods range depending on event requirements, however the usual hire periods for Weddings and other types of weekend celebrations are Friday through to Monday. Don't be shy to call us and have a chat about our services and hire item availability. 

What happens if I’m late bringing back the items?

It happens, we simply ask that you contact us as soon as you know you will be late and confirm a new return time. Late fees will be applied which will be 50% of the hire fee. Should the item be required for another client, we will arrange collection of the items and appropriate collection fees will be applied.

Damaged, missing or broken items?

Whoops, we understand items can become damaged, go missing or break. We do reserve the right to request a security bond for items that are very special to us and all hires require agreement to our Hire Terms and Conditions.  Before any hire period our items are checked for current condition and re-checked upon return. If an item is noted as damaged, missing or broken we will hold onto your bond until we can determine the cost for repair or replacement. 

Can BTS attend my event venue for a site inspection?

Yes, absolutely. Our fee for site inspections PRIOR to our services being confirmed by way of deposit is $55.00 per hour with payment to be received prior to the site inspection taking place. Time is calculated commencing departure from our Warehouse located at Tuggerah until return. For services confirmed by way of deposit, we enable one site inspection per event and upon request. Additional site inspections will incur the above mentioned fees.

I have an item that you might be interested in for your fabulous collection. Would you like to know more?

Yes please, we’d love to see what you have. Shoot us an email with all the relevant details including:

- Item description
- Location
- Price and
- Add in some pics and email to and we’ll take a look.

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